Increasing online sales is most easily done by converting more of the shoppers, that you already have coming to your site, into buyers. Many sites can double their sales by simply increasing conversion rate 1%. One of the best ways to increase conversions is having excellent product photography.

Matt Reeder, CEO & Photographer


MadFish Solutions LLC, was born over two decades ago out of a desire to improve profitability of e-commerce businesses. Owner, Matt Reeder, proficient in e-commerce profitability, lead the company to rapid growth of their e-commerce consulting business in a few short years. Having experience such high success rate in a short amount of time, Matt felt convicted to help other businesses grow to their highest potential. He understood that in order to become successful in the e-commerce world, you must set your business apart from the others. Do things “differently.” So, instead of swimming along with all of the other “e-commerce” fish in the sea, he set out to change the tide of how e-commerce businesses grow.

Matt believes that his company’s success can be attributed to the fact that they concentrated on increasing conversion rates of their customer’s sites. More than 50% of Matt’s clients were able to double their sales just by increasing their conversion rates by 1%. Matt eventually sold his company, but his passion for helping grow e-commerce businesses remained. He continues to use his e-commerce business knowledge as he consults with companies.

As a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience, it seemed only natural that Matt would combine his passion for photography with his e-commerce expertise. Matt had played an instrumental role in leading Madfish to become a top rated product photography business. He is a firm believer that the best way to convert shoppers into buyers is with great photography. Not only does MadFish offer the highest quality photography, but we pride ourselves on attention to detail and will go out of our way to provide quality customer care. So if your business could use a boost in sales---swim upstream with MadFish Photography!

Making the decision to have a prefessional photographer take your product photos is a big step. Our proven process and techniques will help you grow your business.


With years of experience shooting product photography, we can tackle any product you may sell.
Here are a few more samples of work we have done for our clients.